Heirloom Armes is Back And You’re Going to be Surprised what we’ve got for you in 2019

Yes we took a year off. And yes we are back. You’ll be surprised how much things have changed and what we’ve got in store for you.

But let’s start with what heirlooms actually are. People need to know why it is so hard to get them and why do people value them so much?

Heirlooms are something unique and rare items in a particular game, or even in real life. For example, your mother’s necklace could be considered as an heirloom if the necklace was made a long time ago.

And it’s not just the age of the necklace, it’s also the history that’s attached to it. That’s what makes it special and rare because people love associating themselves with history, something eventful that happened within their lifetime.

That’s how they remember things by.

That’s just the intro to what we’re working on behind the scenes for you. We’re excited because it will blow your mind.

Enjoy this video.

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